Cash For Gold at Snooky's Pawnshop

Licensed Precious Metal Dealer since 1993

Get More Cash for Gold at Snooky’s Pawnshop.

Snooky’s Pawn is a licensed and bonded precious metals buyer.

We pay you more cash for gold and other precious metals because we want you to come back and to refer your friends to us.

If you sell your gold or silver to someone else without hearing our offer, you will probably lose money!

There are very few licensed Precious Metals Dealers in the Charlottesville/Albemarle County area. Precious Metals Licenses require background checks on persons with the company, extensive record keeping and reporting to the police department, as well as a requirement to hold the merchandise for a set period of time.

Not every gold buyer is equal. It pays to shop around. Do your homework.

Most gold buyers count on you not knowing what your gold is worth. Many are staffed by people who are not experts and have no knowledge of the value of your jewelry and won’t pay extra for it. They test and weigh only. Lately, with the high price of gold many out-of-town companies have set up in local hotels and malls for gold and jewelry buying events. Double check them before you go see them. They spend a lot of money on advertising to get you to come in, and most of the time, they will low-ball you when you get there.

Snooky’s Pawnshop has been buying gold for twenty years in the same location and will be here whether gold is trading at $300 oz. or $1900 oz. We are not some fly-by-night company.

You may have seen commercials on TV from companies wanting you to send your valuable gold off in the mail.


These businesses count on the fact that once they are in possession of your gold, you will accept any offer that they give you. If your shipment is lost or stolen it will be up to you to do the tracing and claim your property. This could take many weeks even months to settle.

Don’t wait for a check in the mail, get cash for your valuables today at Snooky’s Pawnshop on the Downtown Mall!